12 February 2012

Field of View Opens at LEA26

Opening today at LEA26 is a new artwork, Field of View, created by Sowa Mai and Banrion Constantine, known collaboratively as Aequitas. (More about their past projects here on their blog.)

Surrounded by decaying objects along the edge of the sim (a ferris wheel, abandoned and dilapidated structures) is a watery field of floating cubes (or in some cases submerged). The top surface of each cube features constantly changing textures, and that's where visitors get to interact, as you're invited to add your own images to a cube or two (or more)—they'll become part of the ongoing stream of visual material.

As the creators say, "We hope you will participate by placing a gently used texture in one of the boxes in the center of the sim. Your texture will de displayed with others in an ever changing kaleidoscope of Second Life. Go ahead and add a couple if you wish. A picture of you, your avatar, your home, your workspace, pets, statements, prayers, testimonials. Enjoy the shift in perception that takes place upon seeing our creative output in relation to others." Through this gesture, the artists hope that residents will contribute to an ever changing and unpredictable mosaic.

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