09 February 2012


Opening today is a lovely new sim called Hazardous. Imagined and created by Wendy Xeno, the designer of HuMaNoiD, Hazardous was commissioned by Dirk Talamasca and is owned by Mandingo Quan, who has also been involved in the design process. Mandingo (pictured just below with Wendy—as always, click to zoom in on photos) has very kindly agreed to keep the sim open to the general public, and he may eventually include a store overhead.

Visitors will immediately recognize elements Wendy Xeno's beautiful style and handiwork, but this isn't a carbon copy of HuMaNoiD—though no doubt it will become just as much a favorite for photography and quiet reflection. At the landing point are some very fun balloons you can grab (they're easy to miss) to take a flying tour around the sim—control them with arrow keys and page up/down keys. They're by Harleywan Haggwood, whose shop, Never You Mind, sells all sorts of eclectic things.

I've already spent quite a few hours at Hazardous, pestering Wendy ("Is it done yet?" "That's a cool script, can I have a copy?") and soaking in the feel of the region. (There we are, above—I'm not sure which one of us is wearing scantier clothes!) She's extraordinarily masterful at finding ways to combine existing objects into new things—while some of the items at Hazardous are her own creations, many are designed by others, presented here (as at HuMaNoiD) in ways that create striking new environments.

There's a tip jar near the entrance, so please consider giving something to Dingo to help with the cost of this significant new landmark. Enjoy!

P.S. I'll be posting more images of Hazardous on my flickr stream in the coming days.

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