08 February 2012

New Home

Sorry for my prolonged silence, but I've been busy! About a week ago I decided my economical little quarter-homestead plot of land was simply not making the cut—I was always bumping up against my prim allowance—and so I bought a half-homestead. (I've got some other land elsewhere, but not nearly as nice.) My new home in the same estate as my old one—Reach Isles, owned and managed by Reacher Rau, and I'd highly recommend their excellent services to anyone. So I've been busy, as you might imagine, with landscaping and settling in. It's always refreshing to go through a healthy transition like this, and I'm feeling happy and content.

Most of the landscaping is from Green and Wild Design. I have a little inlet where i rezzed a boat by AM Radio, and shamelessly copied some ideas from my friend Wendy Xeno (creator of HuMaNoiD), who is busy working on a new sim that will open in just a few days—more on that in the near future. (Plus Wendy gave me some cool scripts to work with.) In the process I've discovered some fun new stores, too, like Never You Mind, Zacca and Alices Garden.

Back to blogging soon!

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