20 March 2012

Caisteal and the Blue Galaxy Sandbox

If you were ever to tell me that I'd fall in love with a sandbox, I'd say you had a screw loose. But yesterday I noticed a striking photo on Torley's flickr stream, and it's a ... sandbox! So off I went to the sim Caisteal, quite curious to see it, and it's gorgeous. The Blue Galaxy Sandbox is really there to support the store Blue Galaxy, located overhead, featuring designs by Ash Soyinka, but it's a public space and is a stunning location for photography or just wandering around. (Take the teleport after you arrive at the shop to get down to the sandbox.)

There are some simple rules here: "This sandbox is for avatar work and small builds only, anything bigger than 10x10 will be returned without warning. Please be friendly and respectful at all times or you will be ejected." So thanks to Ash and Blue Galaxy for creating this lovely space—I've already returned several times to take more photos (click to zoom in on these). I'll post images on my flickr stream.

Blue Galaxy itself is a "sci-fi fantasy themed shop and sim, unique clothing, avatars and accessories by Ash Soyinka and friends," and there are a ton of cool avatars and other things located there. And even the store area is pretty cool looking (photo below), so be sure to get some shopping done when you visit!


  1. I love your blog. I have told you that before, right? Fabulous photos today and I love the links you are sharing lately. Many thanks!

  2. Thanks so much, Chestnut, that's so kind of you to say! :) And I agree with your latest post about finding new places ... I often discover them, like this place, by seeing some great image on flickr. And so that convinces me there are undiscovered gems out there, because I'm always chancing across them.

  3. I love your panoramas, Ziki. Beautiful work. Amazing places.

  4. Hi and thanks so much, Yordie! It's really pretty delightful, and a great place for photos. :)