21 March 2012

Torley Island

We don't seem to see so much of Torley these days, but for ages he was the Linden we always heard from through his seemingly endless stream of lively tutorial videos. (He also has a endearing ability to not take himself too seriously—see this video!) But he's still with the Lab, posts on his profile and maintains a very active flickr stream. [Edit: Of course, no sooner do I post this than I see two new videos by Torley on direct delivery!]

One of the unusual things about Torley (for a Linden, I mean) are his personal island builds, which have changed over the years but have always been open to the public. Right now a visit to Torley Island takes you into a world of ... well, as you could expect for starters, bright pink and watermelon green! And particles, temporary physical objects dropping here and there, media on prims, his own music, pink and green curios, and just sort of lovable chaos—there's motion in every direction. And down on the bottom level you can rez a bumper car and play with your friends, so make sure to bring the gang with you.


  1. I've been wondering what Torley's been up to. I'm glad you did this post. I'll checkout the Torley island this weekend. Knowing Torley's reputation I'll wear something watermellon colored. Good post. Hugs

  2. Hi Yordie! Haha, yes, something watermelony would be right on, and have fun. I really like the place because it reminds of me how present Lindens used to be around the grid (talkin' waaay back...). :)