23 March 2012

Pravda Core's Terracotta Warriors

I have to admit that when I first saw some photos on flickr depicting a terracotta warrior installation in Second Life I wasn't too interested, despite my fascination with the actual real life archaeological dig. (Or maybe because of it—perhaps I was trying to avoid disappointment.) But I'm really glad I moved past that and went to visit (slurl here). Wow, this is a beautifully created place, and kudos to pravda Core for his work.

On arrival you'll descend into the underground excavation site, and there you can see three of the pits that have been uncovered, filled with about 300 warriors and dozens of horses. Click to zoom in on any of these photos, and I'll be posting some others on my flickr stream.

Now, want your own collection of warriors? They're for sale, either individually or as a set (all copyable), in the nearby shop at the excavation site—there are three versions of warriors, a cavalryman with a war horse, a kneeling archer, a saddled war horse and a bundle of everything. (A couple are hard to notice because they're on the back sides of other vendors.) It's not only a great way to build your own army, but an excellent way to help support projects like this one.

P.S. Make sure your LOD factor is turned all the way up to fully appreciate the detail here.

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