24 June 2012

The Columbia Crash Site

With all the fun hoopla going on about SL9B, I thought it was a good time to go way back in time—to a time when something really exciting was happening in Second Life, the discovery of a new continent. You see (just in case you're not a really ancient avatar with knowledge of such things), once up a time there was only one continent, a giant land mass now known as Sansara, or the old continent.

And lo and behold, a Linden explorer (yes, that tells you how different the era was—when Lindens walked the earth!) named Magellan Linden began to report in his chronicles the discovery of a new continent to the north—Heterocera Atoll, or the northern continent. On February 14, 2005, Magellan's ship crash landed in the sim Columbia, and he and his explorers had to set out on foot, looking for natives. Sadly, not much was heard again from Magellan after Heterocera Atoll opened on March 22, but you can still visit the Columbia Crash Site. Only his bear remains, a little monument placed by Nicole Linden.

Another curious little area can be found on the neighboring sim Cecropia—a "Grief Containment Pond" labeled "under development" by Michael Linden, although clearly long ago abandoned. I guess the corn field turned out to be a better option. You can walk down the pipe (barely visible in the photo below—it's under the green fluid) all the way into the neighboring sim of Sandra, but there it ends.

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