14 June 2012

Felona e Sorona

Long ago, back in the heyday of progressive rock, there was a band named Le Orme (actually it looks like they're still around), and among their best known recordings was 1973's Felona e Sorona, a concept album about two planets that revolve around one another: the dark and disastrous Sorona and the brilliant and lovely Felona. The album has served as an artistic inspiration for Second Life artists Squonk Levenque and Miuccia Klaar in their new sim-wide build of the same name.

Seen from a bird's-eye view above, Felona e Sorona resembles a heart broken in two, with one side bright and colorful, the other dreary and monochrome. As Squonk and Miuccia say, “Enjoy Felona, the place we all want to live in and enjoy life, loves, friends and happy times. As every cloud has a silver lining, Felona has its antithesis; Sorona, the dark and murky side present in everyone of us. Have you ever felt like a puppets imprisoned in schemes and aiming to set free? Have you?”

If you've been to their fantastic sim Treptower Park about which I blogged a few months ago, you'll recognize similar elements in Sorona, with its dark, decayed state. I find it somewhat more convincing than the sunny Felona, with its busy array of flowers, butterflies, cute poses and quirky things, but they're both fun, and great places for photography. Yes, there are tip jars, so please contribute whatever support you can.

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