26 June 2012

Tyrehl Byk's Almost Flat Land

Venture over to LEA13 to enjoy a splendid experience at Tyrehl Byk's Almost Flat Land installation, featuring sound design by Ultraviolet Alter. The entrance into this full-sim build is the now-flooded ruins of a museum or exhibition space that lead out into a watery world articulated by gently undulating land that protrudes above the surface. A littered campsite is visible here, seemingly long deserted, with a journal resting out for view, on the pages of which you read a story—a story left by explorers who seemed to have met with a sudden fate while looking for a previous party. The narrator describes an encounter with strange forms and beings, but his last entry ends abruptly...and you in turn set out to explore...

What you will find out there on the sim are some amazing—what are they? beings of some sort?—forms that fly about or appear and disappear as you move about. As you traverse the watery world, different forms emerge or fade, both moving and stationary, and you discover corkscrew stairways that lead you up for a higher view.

Be sure during your visit to turn the media stream on, as Ultraviolet's sound score is an integral part of the experience. Tyrehl has created his own environment settings that should work with most viewers, but if you don't see what I'm seeing here you might want to re-enter with Firestorm. (These photos don't begin to do it justice!)

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