10 July 2012

conformational change

I'm so behind visiting places that it's pathetic, but I'm trying to catch up! Yesterday's delightful find was Selavy Oh's brilliant (and brilliantly simple) installation conformational change in the sim MetaLES..O.., curated by Ux Hax. This opened a month ago, and I'm not sure when it closes, but it's a must-see!

It's essential to interact with this artwork, and you'll discover why as you fly around in it—as you touch the slender white bars they disappear, only to re-rez at another location, eventually causing one cube to disappear and another to emerge or become more defined. It's playful, both in the sense of the sheer fun of interacting with it and the sense of wonder one gets from watching it transform over time. My friend Juno and I spent ages flying around, and you will too!


  1. Thanks, Carolotte! It's a great deal of fun to fly around and watch the work transform. :)