15 July 2012

Lollito Larkham’s “Souvenirs de voyages de Marcel Chiffon”

Opening today at LEA6 is a substantial full-sim build by artist Lollito Larkham. Entitled Souvenirs de voyages de Marcel Chiffon (or Memories of Journeys of Marcel Chiffon), the mostly-mesh build really requires a computer that can run in ultra graphics mode with lighting and shadows, but it's well worth it. The artwork depicts “the memories of journey of Marcel Chiffon, found under forms of sketch in the pad left behind him after his disappearance (cf. Echapées Nocturnes de Marcel Chiffon)” as Lollito says—a series of non-narrative scenes spread throughout the sim.

Although at the landing point you'll find a teleport board that directs you some of the main points in the build, the concept is really to let visitors wander without a clear path. As Lollito (photographed against the build, below—click to zoom) says, he wanted “to blur a little the usual marks, by making [it] so that the visitor feels a little disorientated spatially: no drawn road, no guiding principle, an opened sim, where we can approach spaces and structures according to various angles.”

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