24 July 2012

Dirk Talamasca's Home

Sometimes it can be a real treat to get a glimpse into someone else's personal space—and right now you can get a peek into the Second Life home of Dirk Talamasca. "We transformed Dirk's sim for a party," remarked Wendy Xeno (creator of the superb HuMaNoiD sim) to me a couple days ago, and added that it would remain open for a couple weeks. The "we," as it turned out, included Neva Crystall (who took the redesign lead) along with Wendy, and the result is truly lovely.

If you've been to HuMaNoiD or Neva River, you'll recognize a similar feel in Dirk's sim. I really loved the poses that came with the driftwood boat below from Studio Syke (as you can see below, haha!) and went out and purchased one for myself. (And thanks, Dirk, for opening your door for a few days!)