19 January 2013

Animal Parade!

If you follow my flickr stream you probably noticed some photos a few days ago of the Avatar Parade, which wound through several sims before finally coming to an end, and it was a crazy, fun event (photo below). The event was produced by Vaneeesa Blaylock and friends, and now Trill Zapatero has come up with the idea for an Animal Parade. (She designed the poster above.) And it starts in just 15 minutes! Join us at 10 am slt at the Australia sim (Sydney Opera House) and we'll set off! Shoot me an IM if we're already underway so you can join in—and have fun showing off your favorite animal avatar!


  1. Yay! Supa-fun! Thanks for joining in last week and today Ziki!!

  2. That was great fun, and I wouldn't have missed it! :) When's the next one?