05 January 2013

Whiskey Monday at The Viewing Room

About a week ago I wrote about a little exhibition of work by Whiskey Monday at Atelier Kreslo, and since then she has opened her own gallery at The Viewing Room (which is located just under The Listening Room, and fun hangout frequented by people like Whiskey, Crap Mariner, Marx Dudek and others). Whiskey has placed on display about 30 works, and they're for sale at a very reasonable L$400, beautifully installed for your viewing enjoyment. (There's also a gallery tip jar if you're so inclined.)


  1. Hey thanks, Ziki! The Viewing Room has actually been there since August. I'm so anti-establishment, I just opened with no fanfare or opening party. Crap and Marx decided to have an impromptu opening the other night, just so I could say I had.

    It was great to see you there, and thank you so much for the kind write-ups! I'm going to be expanding the Viewing Room down into another floor, to add more current works. I'll try to have a real opening when I do that.


  2. I know! It took some real detective work to even discover you had a gallery! ;-) Good thing Crap posted about the opening on his SL feed or I wouldn't have ever known about the opening.

    Lovely gallery—your works are so delightful.

  3. i read both your blogs faithfully; i enjoy the creativeness and great spirit you both bring to the lives of others in sl!

  4. Thanks so much, Eliana! I think I might head over to Lauk's Nest soon to try some DoF photos there. :)