10 January 2013

New Synthetic Theatre

I've been to theatre and dance performances in Second Life a number of times, and the synchronized choreography of the performers and set can be impressive. But at New Synthetic Theatre the concept has been taken a step further: you're in the play; you're actually a character. This is all achieved very simply: you wear your ticket, take a teleport to the stage, and your avatar is animated, taking a role in the production, along with whoever else happens to be in attendance. Right now there are two show to enjoy: Ninety Nine Percent (L$50) and Jabba Jabba Jabba (L$75) (the latter of which I found more captivating). Performances run continually throughout the day, starting every 10 to 15 minutes.

During the performances your movements and those of others are delightfully coordinated, and the elements around you come and go. In Ninety Nine Percent, for example, you'll find yourself in a jet plane flying through the sky, but the plane disappears and you're left falling through space, but then a parachute rezzes. In Jabba Jabba Jabba a smile crossed my face as we all found ourselves in a small craft on the water, casting nets and hauling them in. The sonic environment is equally impressive. The creator, Lumiere Starsmith, is already working on the concept for a third play, but she notes that it took her more than half a year to create Jabba Jabba Jabba. I look forward to whatever comes next.

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