02 June 2016

Edge Gallery May & June Exhibition

Now open at the Edge Gallery, which operates under the Windlight umbrella and is curated by Eleseren Brianna, is the May and June Exhibition, featuring works by photographers Anderian Sugarplum, Blackliquid Tokyoska (lowest image), Chloe Electra Resident, Goodcross (left side, image below), Hillany Scofield, Pam Astonia, Ramsa Luv, Skip Staheli (image above) and Tiviyah. Spread over three floors, the eclectic exhibit includes a wide range of styles and subject matter.

The May and June Exhibition marks the "grand reopening" of the Edge Gallery, the focus of which will be "to show off artistic fashion and avatar imagery." Some, but not all, of the artworks are available for purchase. Visitors may want to enjoy the additional galleries hosted by Windlight located just outside on the same sim.