03 June 2016

Small World Art Gallery

Officially opening tomorrow, Saturday, June 4, at 11 am slt, is the Small World Art Gallery, curated by Mikey Jefford. Anything but small, the expansive gallery features works by numerous artists, including Artée (Artistide Despres), Asuna (Maderin Melody), Cherie, cullum Writer, DILLIGAF, Dulcis Darkrose, Fafner Hofmann, Forest of Azure, Gem Preiz, Giovanna Cerise, Gita Aura, Harter Fall, Ian Patton, ieko Catnap, Karma Daxeline, K'lali, Laura Richards, Layachi Ihnnen, maghda, Masako/Soraya, Mcpol Kamachi, Miles Cantelou, Milly Sharple, Mistero Hifeng, Moewe Winkler, Monroe Snook, Nino Vichan, Norton Lykin, Pol Jarvinen, Samanda Jewell, Sil Brandi, Silas Merlin, Sisi Biedermann, Sunset Quinnell, Sweet Susanowa, Therese Carfagno, Toysoldier Thor, Treacle Darlandes, Xirana Oximoxi and Ziki Questi (image below). (Several sculptural works can be found on the grounds surrounding the gallery buildings.)

In addition to the corridors of the three-floor space (with two wings) that houses artwork — a mix of real world and Second Life images, mostly two-dimensional and for sale — is a large central gallery that will feature each month a different artist, and for the grand opening will highlight landscapes by Samanda Jewell (top image). Additionally, a sizeable mall area is available for artists who wish to rent space, and this is connected to the main wing of the gallery itself.

Mikey, who recently returned to Second Life after having been around in its initial years, said, "I wanted to recreate the artist spirit that was here in the old days. I thought art in SL needed a new infusion — I got bored sim hopping to find all the artists and thought I could build a gallery that gave a better viewing experience." It's unlikely that one can see everything in a single visit, so art patrons should plan some repeated trips to fully take in all there is to enjoy. Explorers may want to venture further to explore the sim to the north, Plum Drop, designed to be a retreat for (adult) relaxation. Mikey credits Addi Tachikawa for the builds in both regions, as well as his partner, Candy, for additional contributions.

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