20 June 2016

Kinn and Ziki at SL13B

A little over a week ago, I received a communication from organizers of SL13B, the Second Life community annual birthday celebration: Could I possibly fill some spaces around the Auditorium with photos? As I arrived and looked around, the scope of the request became more clear: two circular rooms with space for 8 images in each; two long rectangular galleries, plus a chamber overhead, with space for 8 images in each; a backstage area, a bit hidden away, with room for a dozen more; and an outdoor area west of the Auditorium, featuring the "Parthenonish" and next to the Time Capsule, again with space for twelve images. And then, a few days later: Could I possibly take an empty parcel? Room there for 20. So, altogether, I rezzed 76 images.

Given the immense richness of SL13B, comprising sixteen sims hosting many dozens of artworks and displays, most designed specifically for the event (more forthcoming on those in future posts on this blog), my contribution is a drop in the bucket, but, if you'd like to poke around, you can visit my parcel in Electrify (top image), The Parthenonish, the Auditorium's north tower and gallery, the Auditorium's south tower (image above) and gallery, and the backstage area. I've set out some gifts at most of these locations. I extend my thanks to Doc Gascoigne for the invitation, and to expert builder Anthony (ADudeNamedAnthony) for the spaces, including the structure on the Electrify parcel.

It was no less delightful that my partner, Kinn, was asked at the same time to take a parcel in SL13B Incredible (teleport here), and she has used this to create a space, shown above and below, to highlight her excellent blog, Mainland Matters, which is essential (and fun) reading for anyone interested in exploring Second Life. Each of the images on display links to a post on the blog, encouraging visitors to set out to explore sixteen different locations. Additionally, Kinn invites visitors to not only suggest places to blog, but also to answer the question, "Why does Mainland matter to YOU?" — and replies will be posted on the wall, alongside contributions from Torley Linden and Patch Linden. (Kinn thanks Linden Lab and the LDPW for permission to use their iconic "Visit the Mainland!" sign, and again to Doc and Anthony.) SL13B will be open through July 3rd.


  1. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Congrats! That's a whole lot of images. Fortunately you have many fantastic ones from over a long period of time.

  3. Thanks very much, Rockridge and Kara!