25 September 2016

DiXmiX Gallery Inaugural Exhibition (images NSFW)

Now open is the inaugural exhibition in the new DiXmiX Gallery (much expanded over its original incarnation, and once again beautifully designed by Megan Prumier), curated by Dixmix Source, and featuring artworks by Ariel Brearly, Grazia Horwitz, Ziki Questi, both Dixmix Source and Megan Prumier, and other artists. "We have built a realistic looking place to host Second Life's Art, Photography, Sculpture and Music events in one gallery where we hope you will enjoy to hang around and see works from talented artists," says Dixmix. Ariel's dreamy and evocative work, hosted in a double-height foyer (image above), are favorites from Dixmix's own collection; he plans to invite the artist to display additional works in a forthcoming exhibition.

Other artists are exhibited in galleries within the gallery — Grazia Horwitz (her first exhibition, surprisingly) in the Black Gallery with a set of striking monochromatic images (image above); Ziki Questi with wide angle landscape and art images in the Grey Gallery (image below); and Dixmix Source in the Black Gallery (lowest image). Additionally, hidden behind The Atom, a music performance venue housed within DiXmiX, is a lovely series of images by Megan Prumier on the lower level and more selections from Dixmix's personal collection on the upper level (including works by Lam Erin, Dantelicia Ethaniel, Angi Manners, and BelBa (Belinda Baroque)).

Commonplace throughout all the spaces are sculptures by Mistero Hifeng, adding a three-dimensional touch that provides continuity, helping to visually link all the various rooms and galleries. The DiXmiX Gallery itself is exceptionally well conceived, providing lines of sight that encourage visitors to continue to explore, and the content is expansive enough that multiple trips might be warranted. Many of the artworks are available for purchase, and contributions in support of the DiXmiX Gallery are welcomed.

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