02 September 2016


Break out your sunglasses and enter the blindingly bright world of Ephemeral, a creation by Boefje (Bufje) that, reflecting its title, ongoingly changes its content. "Ephemeral, such a beautiful word," says Boefje. "I find the definition matches the word itself, its meaning being: lasting a very short time, short-lived, transitory. It does give a whole new purpose to the art being created ... It allows the artist to make a link between the relationships of existence, decay and loss. It is this transition between life and death where many religious cultures, myths and rituals exist."

This "never ending work in progress" might at first seem like a personal sandbox — one senses the artist's self-exploration and inquiry — but the installation also hangs together as a whole, as if it's a world filled with hidden connections and meanings, inviting us to ponder connections, permanence and impermanence, fragility and durability. Near one of the few areas of bright color, at a bed of grass, a free avatar is available, and visitors are invited to dance and to read more about the installation. The sim's windlight settings, as well as its audio stream, are integral to the experience. Ephemeral — in whatever form it might take — will remain on display through December.

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  1. Thank you Ziki, yes i added already some characters :). And yes, Bufje is my alt. My protest against the branded art.