03 September 2016

The Other

Opening tomorrow, Sunday, September 4, from 12 to 2 pm slt, is the premiere exhibition at the new Gallery M, a collection of works by photographer Mich Michabo entitled The Other. The gallery, situated on Kate Bergdorf's Berg by Nordan Art sim, was created especially to showcase Mich's photos, and this first exhibit focuses on works inspired by the 1932 poem "The Other" by Sylvia Plath, a copy of which is provided on the exhibition notecard. (Wall copy associates lines of the poem with various photographs.) "She ventures in her work into areas rarely visited by other photographers," remarks the curator. "Her images are sensitive, raw and emotionally charged." There's often a fascinating voyeuristic quality to the artist's photos (not only in this exhibition, but also her oeuvre in general) in which we get glimpses of situations — for example, a figure partially visible through a window or behind a curtain, or a hand reaching for something out of the photo's frame, or shoes and part of the floor (image detail, below right), and so on, inviting us to piece together in our minds the remaining elements (the missing elements being what for other photographers might be the focal point of the image). Visitors will enjoy seeing additional installations on the sim via the teleports located in the Gallery M foyer.


  1. Thank you very much Ziki :)

    1. You're welcome! Sorry I couldn't join you for the opening!