02 October 2016

Art in the Park

In a pastoral setting, Holly Kai Park's Art in the Park series continues with a new exhibit of creations by Anibrm Jung, Giovanna Cerise (image below), Inara Pey (image above), John Brianna and Wildstar Beaumont. The artworks, which include a mixture of two- and three-dimensional pieces, and real life and Second Life photography, are all available for purchase. Visitors may want to include Inara Pey's nearby gallery, and later return on Sunday, October 16 at 3 pm slt, when Seanchai Library will present Stories at the Park, which will feature 100-word stories and poems inspired by the art on display.


  1. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you explored the new park layout as well. Lots to see and find scattered around.

    Also, I'd like to point out my studio shares space with art by Frankx Lefavre, and a further studio featuring Silas Merlin, both of which are very much worth a visit.