26 October 2016


A French flag blows stiffly in the strong breeze along the boardwalk in the northeast corner of Kekeland, a delightful sim owned by Belle des Champs (Bridget Genna) and landscaped by Dandy Warhlol (Terry Fotherington), also the creator of the wonderful The Village & BarDeco (read here). Brightly colored buildings, including a tea shop, line the docks, where seagulls lazily circle over and above fishing vessels (image above). A collapsed lighthouse on the sandy beach to the west has been replaced with a more modern structure adjacent to the Keke Bar, a charmingly furnished watering hole and dance venue (this and the tea shop being closed for the winter).

A couple of paths, including a cobblestone street, extend from boardwalk and beach area toward the south, where the terrain changes, becoming hilly and more rural. The road, which turns to dirt, snakes around toward the west, at one point blocked by a herd of sheep. (A few abandoned cars litter the way as well.) The course eventually reaches, on the southwestern corner of the sim, a great old mansion, now in disrepair, that seems to be slowly surrendering to the waters that envelop it (lowest image). Be sure to visit the amusing and surreal scene behind this stately structure.

The road then climbs a hill toward the center of Kekeland (image above), where one encounters the decayed remains of a little village, including a farmer's market, a chapel with a cemetery, and a few homes, garages and a gathering space in a converted barn. Dandy encourages visitors to play with various windlight settings (the top three images here showing the parcel's default, [NB]-MistyDay-4pm), and mentions that the landing point area is particularly beautiful at midnight. If you enjoy your visit, please consider making a contribution toward Kekeland's support.


  1. Thank you Ziki for this nice post. Very lovely place. I went there and I enjoyed taking this panoramic 360º photo :)

  2. Superb post.
    Like the other post you did.
    And of course, like the post you did for the Village & Bardeco too :)
    Thanks a lot, Ziki, you are welcome ;)

    Bridget Genna.