31 October 2016

Foggy Swamp

If you're looking for a location to get yourself into a Halloween mood, Foggy Swamp might just do the trick — a mysterious and overgrown island possessed by decay and probably a few spirits and ghouls. Houses list this way and that, entangled by masses of overgrown branches, all surrounded by a misty swamp that threatens to swallow the whole. "My partner Keon and I built it together and did it for a Halloween mood," said owner and designer Neva Xenga (NevaCrystall) as we talked about the sim.

"Be wary to stay on the path through the dark and foggy village without swaying, else you will never find your way back," say Neva and Keon. "As it leads you through the old and forgotten Victorian settlement into the graveyard and further on to the pagan shrine, you can still hear the faint whispers of incantations from the spirits of the last hundred years amongst us. Their chilling presence lingers inside the Hotel that lays upon the rocks, guarding the shore, waiting for new intrusion on the land. Dare you be one of them?"

You'll spot a few beautifully furnished interiors (such as in the image above) in the large hotel — the Dead & Breakfast Inn (top image) — which presently has vacancies available. (Be sure not to miss the small but delightful tunnel that runs under the hotel.) An inviting graveyard stands waiting toward the western edge of the island. Foggy Swamp will remain open until around November 15.


  1. Thank you so much Ziki for this wonderful post and so beautiful photography!

    1. Thanks, Neva, and thanks for sharing your lovely sim with the community!