15 January 2017


Opening today, Sunday, January 15, is Burning, a new sim-wide build by artist Cica Ghost. Whether by a strike of lightning or the hand of an arsonist or the bombardment of a warring army, a town has been engulfed in fire and left to burn, its buildings scorched by the heat and smoke. In the central square, a large bell continues to slowly swing in its tower, while around the little village stand the smoldering remnants of trees, their leaves and branches having been incinerated.

Visitors arrive on the northwest corner of the sim, which was once a grand entryway: a long arched stone bridge leads us forward into the heart of the town (lowest image), and at one time afforded views of the now-burned forests. Although the overall mood of Burning is a dark one, there are elements of levity in the build — the quirkiness of the buildings themselves, the humorous poses scattered throughout (be sure to investigate windows), and the purring feline marked цицa mаца (pussycat in Serbian, and a reference to Cica's own name).

Shown here is the sim's default windlight setting, and with advanced lighting model turned on, but Cica personally prefers the desolate scene with ALM deactivated. If you enjoy Burning, please consider leaving a contribution at the landing point, or by enjoying items from Cica's store located here in Appalachian.

1 comment:

  1. I think there might be something in those patterns of hands. Cam up over one of the larger patches of that texture, and I keep thinking there's a weird symmetry to it...something like those images in Magic Eye books (autostereograms, thanks wikipedia).