05 January 2017

I am not

On display at the Surreal Tower Gallery, curated by Juliette SurrealDreaming, is I am not, an exhibition of photographic images and a three-dimension sculpture by Norton Lykin. (The gallery's navigation system can be a challenge — simply use the teleport at the landing point and select The Clouds Room.) "Reflecting on nature, love, perception and cognition," says the artist, "I see clearly that what we perceive as reality, is a flux depending on our ideas, histories and conditioning, that the present moment feeds us with all kind of possible realities. Throughout this there is one stable, factor, love, which can take us through everything, love of this being, which in its imperfection is perfect, wholesome." Whether the images explore this theme is difficult to say, but each photo is a distinctive expression; the installation design, with recurring visual motifs, helps unify the show. Each of the images as well as a companion book are available for purchase. The exhibition will continue on display indefinitely, and visitors might also enjoy visiting Norton's own exhibition space, the Impermanence Light House Art Gallery (read here).

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