10 January 2017

Mistero Hifeng at DiXmiX Gallery

Now on display at the DiXmiX Gallery, curated by Dixmix Source, is an exhibition of two- and three-dimensional artworks by Mistero Hifeng, many of whose sculptures were previously positioned throughout the halls of the gallery. His highly distinctive and trademark mesh avatars and compositions, which often appear to be fragmented or broken — sometimes even shattered, with pieces flying away into space — were originally produced as material for his own photography, but here they stand side by side, and have become over time no doubt better known than their two-dimensional counterparts.

Mistero's invitation to exhibit at the space came in part through his relationship with gallery designer Megan Prumier. "When he saw what Megan did with his pieces [positioned throughout the gallery]," explained Dixmix, "he started to offer her some new ones, so the next step was to have him here with pictures too." Each of the artworks is available for purchase, and the exhibition will remain on display for about a month. Contributions to support DixMiX are welcomed.

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