03 September 2012

Origami at LOL

I always enjoy stopping by the region LOL (and who couldn't, with a name like that?) to see what's happening. Now, on about a quarter of the sim, pallina60 Loon has created a delightful installation with origami. As pinwheels turn in the Second Life wind, cranes fly overhead, lanterns drift in the breeze and the gentle sound of water fills the air, you can enjoy, as she puts it, the “quiet and romantic Zen garden where you can spend your time in the company of those you love.” There are poseballs set out for dancing or relaxing with a companion.

If you take delight in these simple yet beautiful objects, they're yours for the having, because they can be purchased as well: flying lanters, origami pinwheels, origami butterflies, origami crane and origami boats, all very affordably. Don't miss the other fun things scattered about the sim as well!


  1. Thank you for this post. Great pictures, as always :-))

  2. Hey pallina! :) I adore your work and had a lovely time visiting!