30 September 2012

Joy of Steampunk Museum

I just love steampunk stuff, and I still greatly miss Sextan Shepherd's brilliant Nemo sim, so it's always fun to go visit the Joy of Steampunk Museum, curated by Knowledge Tomorrow. This sim-wide museum contains a remarkable collection of work by many of Second Life's finest, and it's beautifully designed.

The list of creators (some no longer active in SL) is so extensive I'm sure I'm likely to have omitted someone by accident, so I hope I don't offend anyone by omission, but I've seen works by Sidney Arctor, Parrish Ashbourne, Bojax Baroque, Rebeca Bashly, Lexx Bondar-Foehammer, Fire Broono, Canolli Capalini, Chewie Cinderflame (Chewie Quixote), JonyBlade Codesmith, Jenne Dibou, Penny Dreadful (Gothicmuse), Loki Eliot, Leyla Firefly, Mick Huet, Thomus Keen, Zwagoth Klaar, Grey Kurka, Aminom Marvin, Dare Munro, Moses Mureaux, Doctor Obolensky, Oriolus Oliva, Daallinii Rae, Aisuru Rieko, Noddington Schmooz, Sextan Shepherd, Nightshade Sixpence, Spartacus (Research Projects), Amber Talamasca, էɧȝԾ (Theoretical Chemistry), Knowledge Tomorrow, Kyris Upshaw, Albus Weka, Pandora Wrigglesworth, Rip Wirefly and 3of9 (Lex Mars).

Do be sure to venture into the buildings (containing some excellent documentary photos, and also items for sale by some of the creators), and by all means into the tunnels, which lead you into a subterranean world below. Also, going on right now is the "Steam7" hunt, which takes you to some fun locations you might not otherwise spot—and you'll collect items by Albus Weka, Sextan Shepherd, Shigeko Tachikawa, Ceejay Writer, Nightshade Sixpence, Noddington Schmooz, Lexx Bondar and Rebeca Bashly. Oh, and leave a tip of course!


  1. Thanks for the kind mention in your blog post.

    Here is a YouTube link which features a rather nice machinima tribute to Joy Of Steampunk.


    Regards, Bojax Baroque