01 October 2012

Gracie Kendal's “Ce n’est pas une peinture”

Today is Second Life artist Gracie Kendal's 6th rezday, and it's also the opening of her new installation, Ce n’est pas une peinture, on LEA15, one of the Linden Endowment for the Arts sims. It's a fantastic world of dazzling color, about 1400 prims with vivid textures towering high into the sky. Enter the exhibition at the top—and there be sure to take the free skins Gracie has designed—and then click on the float ball next to the cake to take a slow spinning ride from the top down into the heart of the build. (If you click on the top and bottom photos, you'll see me as I drift about. Gracie's in the middle picture here wearing one of the skins—can you make her out?)

Gracie said she wanted "to deconstruct one of my paintings/collages into a full sim installation that avatars can walk and fly through and get lost in," and this installation succeeds remarkably—a simple concept executed with brilliant effect. You can read more about this work (and many others) on her blog, Gracie and the Real Girl.

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