24 October 2012

Adieux, Flashmans 3

It isn't the first time it has happened, but that doesn't make it any easier. If you know me, you know that for a long, long time I've loved Flashmans, the venerable establishment originally founded by Martin Ren, who built and then tore down the first place (which was so great) and built a second (also great), and then tore that down and built a third, now in the sim of Esoterica (with current proprietors Phideaux Mayo, Echo Underwood and Niv Bing). Flashmans has changed over the years (and so has its clientele), from a seedy opium den with arm wrestling tables (yes, I knew the place pre-Ziki) to its larger current day dance hall form, but it's always been a warm, quirky place, a watering hole for the intellectual eccentrics of Second Life.

But now it has come time once again to say good bye—something of a Flashmans tradition at this point, says Phi (pictured on the top to the right, with me on the left). She, Echo and Niv are letting go of the Esoterica sim after five great years, and so we bid adieu to Flashmans—but not without a party of course!

So be sure to come on Saturday, October 27 from 2 pm SLT until whenever to say the old girl goodbye. Don a costume if you please (boo!). Niv Bing and Max Blankes will spin tunes, Jonas Lunasea will sing, Phi might too, possibly graced by the presence of Martin himself. Thanks to the entire Flashmans gang for a great couple years in Esoterica.

P.S. All hope is not lost—stay tuned for Flashmans 4 to rise from the dust early next year!

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