03 October 2012

Scribbled Hearts

I love this sim. For a long time I had seen occasional photos on blogs and flickr, but I hadn't ever gotten around to visiting until a couple days ago, when my friend and fellow traveler-of-the-grid M (MissMoe Requiem) nudged me. I was immediately enchanted and couldn't stop smiling as I explored—certainly one of the most beautiful and photogenic places in Second Life. Right now it's unmistakably fall here: a place to stroll, to breathe the autumnal air, to hear the leaves crunch under your feet, and to bask in the orange and brown hues of the foliage.

The island, which was landscaped by Randi Lenroy (with fewer than 3000 prims!), is home to Snowy Melody's *. emm {shop} store and Schmosby (Clementine Ishtari)'s Hello, September shop. The entire area is open to the public, and object rezzing is turned on for two minutes for those photographers who like props at hand. If you're not using a viewer that automatically changes the environment settings, I'd recommend you do—it looks as though the settings here are Meme's Autumn Windlight with a special water setting, too—gorgeously done.

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