25 October 2012

lippes in smiling mood, kiss akiss after kisokushk

No, that's not a typo. It's the title (thank you Mr. Joyce) of a silly little installation I created for the very short-lived Burn2 event, which opened last Saturday and closes this Sunday, October 28. Some photos are flying about, and you can join in the fun by taking a seat in one of the three chairs, plus you can get a whole grab bag of my junk too. Last Saturday quite a spontaneous party went on for a couple hours, one that reminded me of Second Life circa 2007—"I hope we all go into the same mental hospital," quipped my friend Naxos Loon. One party pic is below and others are on my flickr stream (although you have to be logged into flickr to see those with "moderate" images turned on!).

I'm guilty of not having had time to fully explore the Burn sims—there are six of them and a lot to see. For more on Burn2 visit their website or just teleport to my spot and start roaming.

Special thanks to my friend Caer Balogh for her awesome scripting and to the Burn2 group for all their hard work!

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