02 October 2012

William Weaver at Anita's Artspace

Mr. William Weaver has taken Second Life photography by storm. His unprecedented exploration of light and shadow has produced a striking oeuvre of photographs—many, unlike those of most Second Life photographers, bordering on the abstract—and he has developed a revolutionary set of Phototools and builds specifically designed to explore light and shadow. (Several of William's builds are available on the Marketplace for free.)

Now, photographer Anita Witt came up with the clever idea of rezzing a bunch of William's builds on her sim, and they're available for you to use. (One is up for only a couple weeks—they can be a bit prim intensive.) You'll need a computer able to run high end graphics. (Personally I'm terrible with portraits and marvel at the work of those who excel in that medium (many are in my flickr favorites), but I love playing with windlight and shadow settings in William's builds.) While at Anita's sim you can also enjoy a gallery of her works, and you're welcome to contribute images to a floating gallery of photos created with William's builds.

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