11 October 2012

Cica Ghost at LEA13

Something special seems to be happening at Cica Ghost's playful full-sim installation at LEA13: there are always people there—26 as I write this. They're sitting in houses, on park benches, in the grass, chatting, dancing and playing. It's just that kind of place that Cica has created, a black and white world of little stick figures that has an almost cartoonish appearance, totally delightful. Trees wave in the breeze, water ripples on the pond, a figure flies a kite, the wind swirls. Cica has added sit poses to many objects, adding to some fun possibilities for photography.

If you like what you see at LEA13 and would like more, head over to Cica's store in the sim Appalachian, where she has a number of things from this sim on sale, including the star grass, little black roses and street lamps, and all at very affordable prices. (Now I want to go find a great black and white avatar!)


  1. I used this av

    but some of those would fit also:

  2. Oh! Those first two are just perfect, Eupa! Not that Tasrill's aren't great too, but those rock! Thanks for the recommendation.