26 October 2012


Pho Vinternatt, proprietor of A.S.S., has created an elegantly simple, eloquent and somewhat disturbing installation, Dreams, on the sim Space Illusion 2. Fifteen pairings of photos and text line a simple white space, with a small table and notecard on the far end. The photos are evocative and the texts are deeply private—each of the anonymous subjects shares exceptionally personal thoughts. "I wish I wasn't sick anymore," begins the one pictured above, continuing, "I have a degree in animation that I can't do [anything] with because my hands shake so much..."

"When I started this project I had no idea that peoples' dreams and wishes would be so much scarier, personal and moving than their fears. I hadn't realized how little we speak of our dreams, big or small ones, realistic or not, and how seldom we tell them to others," comments Pho in an explanatory text.

These aren't dreams like, "I'd like to win the lottery." They're far more honest—brutally honest—and as such create a delicate window into the soul of each of these interviewees. When I said it's a somewhat disturbing exhibition, it's because one cannot spend time here reading these stories without being confronted by his or her own dreams. And one cannot help but feel admiration for these fifteen subjects for sharing a slice of their lives.