04 September 2012

The LEA Art Sandbox

Where do starving artists go to rez their art? Why, to the LEA Art Sandbox, of course. It's an interesting place (LEA standing for the Linden Endowment for the Arts) to nose about and see who's doing what, and the artwork turns over at a fairly rapid pace. The north side of the sim is more of a true sandbox, and the south side is a Self-Curated Gallery (recently subject to some infamous sit-ins (rez-ins?) by my friend SaveMe Oh, much to the chagrin of sandbox administrators).

A lot of it's junk (just like the arts in real life!), but once in a while I spot something interesting. Most of the time the artwork is by people with whom I'm not familiar, and I enjoy seeing new things. If you'd like to rez something of your own there, go right ahead—joining the LEA Sandbox group is free and enables you to keep your objects rezzed there for a while.

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