01 September 2012

Rachel Breaker

in•sane |inˈsān|
in a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill; rachel breaker.

Oh, I did mean that in most complimentary of ways. I love and appreciate insanity, and if you do as well you're certainly going to be a fan of Rachel Breaker (if you're not already).

I mean, let's suppose you're looking for a bazooka that shoots flowers, or a 27 prim house in the shape of a strawberry, or an absurd looking helmut with whirling parts and lots of silly sounds. Then Rachel's stuff is tailor made for you. (A big item at the moment seems to be a pair of dueling tanks, one that shoots mustard and one that shoots ketchup.)

I first encountered Rachel's work a couple years ago at Lemondrop's Forest, a delightful sim created by Lemondrop Serendipity and Photon Pink. That great place is now gone (although according to Photon could be re-rezzed at the drop of a hat if space permits), but I grabbed all sorts of goodies from Rachel's little shop there, and if you're curious you should head to her main store at in the sim Off The Wall. (Check her profile for other locations.)

Is this art? I'd say so, and I'm about to stick some of it in an exhibition I'm curating. And I love it.

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