07 September 2014

France Portnawak

When last I wrote about France Portnawak, it was a region filled with icebergs, and the gigantic Titanic — or rather, the TitaNawak — was listing heavily to starboard. But apparently the TitaNawak finally sank, and the seasons have moved forward: now, France Portnawak, freshly designed by Leica Arado, is a stunningly beautiful place featuring gardens wrapped around a central lake, all lush with brilliant color.

Near the landing point you'll spot a bicycle rezzer, and that's a handsome way to get about the island, but roaming by foot is ideal as well. The low-lying land hosts trees in greens, reds and yellows, suggesting that fall is well underway, but also harbors splendid rich fields of ochre, crimson and periwinkle flowers. Toward the western edge, a lighthouse watches over the land and the few other buildings.

The islands are dotted with plenty of spots for relaxation (solo and couple), with dances available on the western edge. The southeasternmost corner of the land features an art gallery, showing what appears to be a private collection (that is, nothing's for sale) of works by Fae Varriale, Crystal Rehula, JadeYu Fhang, Amona Savira, Annie Klavinham, Isa Messioptra and others. Featured in these images is the region's default windlight setting, perfect for highlighting the sim's delights.


  1. Hello Ziki,

    Leica is a friendly woman from France, I know her for a long time. Leica is a photographer in RL and does enjoy to decorate as you can see. Before the Titanawak the island did have a desert type Africa sahara with all kinds of animals which did also look very good.

    Count Burks

  2. I wish I had seen the desert — thanks for the info!