28 September 2014

The Gods Dwindle

Opening today, Sunday, September 28, at 2:00 pm slt, is The Gods Dwindle, an installation by Haveit Neox at Plusia Ars Island, presented by Marea2007 Praga. "Humanity has devastated the planet," Haveit begins as he describes the work. "Only three Gods remain: Gaia, the Earth Goddess, bleeds internally, her lava burning landmasses, boiling lakes and rivers. Neptune, God of the Sea, suffocates in the hot oxygen deprived oceans of dead fish. Horus, the Sky God, gives up the heavens and all his days, freezing time into a mirror." The build extends through three of the palazzi on the southern end of the island, so be sure to venture out and visit all the locations — Neptune's undulating waves are particularly striking. While you're at Plusia Arts, be sure to enjoy some of the other works that abound throughout the sim, including JadeYu Fhang's large works that overlook the scene.

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