02 September 2014


When last I wrote about the sim Binemist, almost exactly a year ago, designer Bine Rodenberger had created a rocky island that boldly stretched out from the sea. Now, a new design creates a more complex and more beautiful world, and one that exists in the air, on the water, and underwater, with an added island as well. Your visit will begin in the air, where what Bine describes as a "Tuscan/Nordic landscape" awaits. In addition to the villa (pictured above) and a farm, an ice cream pavilion welcomes sweet-toothed guests. But after you've explored for a while, you can begin to look for one of three teleports that will take you to the ground. (One, Bine shares is the barrel of water at the villa — see her notecard for more hints — and each will take you to a different location below.)

You'll emerge either underwater or just above it, and either way the real gems of the sim are now before you. Underwater, some fantastic landscapes (ocean floorscapes?) beckon, with sea turtles quietly swimming about (second image). A winding stairway connects the underwater and above water worlds, taking you up to boathouses (one occupied by flamingos) and pier. Far in the distance, the ghostly remains of a Viking ship shimmer against the horizon (third image), while closer at hand some paper boats drift in the water. On the northwest corner of the sim, a prominent island, its rocks covered with moss, serves as home to a lone farmhouse.

If you're well traveled in art sims, you might notice a few elements by Bryn Oh (including the figure below, surveying the sea), Cica Ghost and others. Binemist is a photographic delight, and I'll be posting additional images on my flickr stream over the next several days. The region's windlight setting, shown here, is really a must to use, creating a gorgeous and evocative atmosphere. It's an adult sim, and I did spot a dungeon skybox, although it's not, as far as I could see, linked to anything else. Rezzing is turned on for fifteen minutes. Do consider leaving a contribution to support the sim if you enjoy it.

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