30 August 2014

Long Way Down

Opening tomorrow, Sunday, August 31 at 12:00 pm slt at Nitroglobus Gallery, is an exhibition entitled Long Way Down, comprising an impressive series of works by Ini Inaka. In each work, the artist overlays Second Life imagery with other textures — always with maps, but sometimes other elements as well — to create some remarkable compositions. While many virtual photographers overlap their images with textures, blending the layers together (to evoke age, for example), in Ini's works those added features are very much part of the fundamental design, interplaying with the photography. For example, in the first work below, Still Remember, a cut up antique map of rural Georgia interacts with paint splatters and especially the face on the right, with striking results. While you're visiting, you can enjoy additional galleries showing works by curators Dido Haas and Nitro Fireguard, as well as machinima by Tutsy Navarathna.


  1. Thx soo much Ziki for this blog post about the present exhibition at our gallery
    dikke kus
    Dido Haas
    Nitroglobus gallery

    1. My pleasure, Dido, and thanks to you for continuing to present works at Nitroglobus!