15 August 2014

The Sea of Cubic Dreams

Opening tomorrow, Saturday, August 16 at 2 pm slt, at LEA25, is The Sea of Cubic Dreams, an installation by Alegria Studios, a collaborative team of artists from Spain and Argentina. The presentation is only a prelude, as artist Noke Yuitza explained to me: the team is working on a much larger installation overhead, Theater Night's Dream, which intends to "open the gate between the real and fictional sides of its characters," but in the meantime they wanted to invite visitors to enjoy the more modest Sea of Cubic Dreams.

You'll find yourself in a deep blue environment (be sure to set your view distance on high, and you really have to use the region windlight setting to appreciate the place) in which black and dark teal cubes float over a sea, sometimes slowly drifting. If you get close enough (and I had to get so close I was touching — standing on one will work), you can sit on a cube, and then push it, setting it into motion so that it moves across the sim, sometimes colliding with other elements. You might need to zoom out to see yourself fly through space. Eventually the prim will slow down, and you'll have to give another nudge. It's a gesturally simplistic but well done space, and it will be interesting to see what the studio comes up with overhead.

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