10 August 2014

Great Island

If you're type who enjoys a solitary, quiet walk on the beach, the shore rolling out of view a long ways aways, and a few birds calling and circling overhead, then you probably want to visit Great Island, located within the New England Islands estate. The Great Island comprises two sims, and as SL New England is popular for those who sail (and and intended as such), the island, like the others in the estate, is open to visitors (although that doesn't mean you should necessarily wander into the home of Sudane Erato, Great Island's owner, located on the island's far eastern edge). The western sim of the two, Point of Pines, is more scenic, and the middle of the island wraps around a great marshland, home to waterfowl. If you like what you see, head off to explore more of New England toward the west and north.


  1. Ziki these are some of your most gorgeous photos yet!

  2. Ooooh, a long-time fave sim of mine. Always was a fan of SLNE, not for sailing but for the specific atmosphere. Unfortunately the whole estate did shrink in the last couple years. Even their trademark sim "Nantucket" was taken offline :(

  3. Yes, and I remember Nantucket very well — it was a lovely sim and delightful place to visit.