08 August 2014

Mari's Fireworks

A few weeks ago on a balmy Saturday evening, my friend Kinn invited me over to the sim Livingtree, where, on the premises of Robin Sojourner's shop, Kick the Can (which is housed in the K. T. Cann School building), Marianne McCann set off a quite remarkable, and remarkably choreographed, display of fireworks that ran for a full thirty minutes. As Kinn and I sat back on one of many blankets set out for the spectators (who were numerous), I learned from Mari that she runs these fireworks shows every Saturday, at 8 pm slt, during the summer, until the end of August.

Setting off fireworks in Second Life is fairly simple to do, but keeping them going at the pace at which Marianne was going was impressive. She works in partnership with GoSpeed Racer of KONA, a popular music station, who provides a music stream. "I build the show based on the tunes," she explained. "There are a couple [choreographed moments] that are set up in advance, but I like going 'live' with the music. Makes the show a bit more dynamic, I think. It helps that I tend to know the sort of songs she'll play, which means I can usually know which launcher(s) to hit for a good downbeat in the music." So enjoy the show, and arrive a little early (or stay late) to browse around Robin's shop.