09 August 2014

The Colder Water

The Colder Water, a new sim by Jordan Giant, presents a beautiful panoramic waterscape, its low-lying land barely emerging from the water, and its horizon dominated by three tall lighthouses. Most of the land forms a crescent shaped island, but another outcrop anchors the lone lighthouse that stands at the southeasternmost corner. The sand and earth are dark, almost black, perhaps volcanic, and only a few patches of grasses have gained a foothold here and there amongst the boulders that inhabit the land.

The remains of old abandoned railroad tracks cross the island, disappearing out into the waters (image above), and the remains of fences and piers dot the island. Curious and unearthly jellyfish hover in air above the sim, their tentacles catching in the wind. You'll notice that one of the lighthouses seems to have lost its top, but to good effect: if you climb to the top, you'll discover a cozy little seating area with a splendid view of The Colder Water.

A wooden structure, its walls and roof only partially intact, provides some respite from the outdoors, offering a warm fire and places to congregate (image above). "To get the perfect mood," suggests Jordan, "you can listen to the music stream, a playlist I made for this place and also a fitting windlight setting. Feel free to enjoy this place as you wish, but please be nice & kind." The region's windlight setting is dynamic and compelling, but I haven't used it in these images — be sure to allow the default setting to be employed when you visit. Also, as the lighthouses are quite far apart — two on opposite sides of the sim — you'll want to turn your draw distance up to fully enjoy the view.