07 August 2014

Group Exhibition at Aakriti Arts

Opening today, Thursday, August 7, at 1 pm slt, is a group exhibition at Aakriti Arts featuring works by Bloo Ansar, Bump Squeegee, Mash Rhode and Cullum Writer in a variety of genres. I don't often mention "real life" art shown in Second Life, and most of these works were largely developed outside the virtual domain. But some of Bloo Ansar's offerings, by contrast (top image), are kinetic, changing gradually over time, and couldn't exist outside SL. While you're at Aakriti, you can also visit Quan Lavendar's LTD Magazine Store, and even take a peek inside a gallery I'm now setting up at Aakriti, too, although it's not quite ready for visitors — more on that soon.

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