25 August 2014


It's always enjoyable to shop in a lovely setting, and once in a while a store — or a group of stores, in this instance — creates a new sim that's designed as much for sightseeing as for shopping. Such is the case with Intro, designed by vitamingirl (currently a.k.a ĹÜĹÜ), and home to her shop — bonne chance (b.c.c.) — as well as U.F.O. (ur.favorite.one), *(OO)*YUKI, Howl and VCO. Previous incarnations of homes for b.c.c. have been no less delightful, but Intro gives us something unusually ethereal and beautiful: a world of wispy white clouds where magic seems to be in the air. (These images were all taken using the region's default windlight setting.)

From the landing point, you can visit any of the five shops — although you can't fly, you can double-click to teleport (if you do things that way) to jump from shop to shop. But the teleport board at the landing point whisks you off to five special and delightful destinations (home, once upon a time, starlight, moon and story), all exquisitely rendered, and many of which have interactive poses: at the castle below, for example, hop in the tub to transform into a mermaid (or merman, as the case may be). But do shop, all the same, to help support Intro — its five shops reflect the creativity of the design, and vice versa.

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