05 August 2014


It probably shouldn't be too surprising that a photographer such as Ermandalee would create a beautifully picturesque sim, and she has: Sarawak. Under construction since early July, the sim opened just before August, although she continues to render minor improvements here and there. The result is a photographer's delight, where at every turn there's another capture that awaits, and I myself have yet to fully investigate every space, especially those inside the several buildings that populate the sim. Ermandalee shared with me that this is her first attempt at landscaping. A fan of Dungeous & Dragons, her initial thought was to create an environment that would evoke the Sword Coast, but as she went along it began to take on a character of its own.

The landing point is close to the center of the sim, and nearby a dwelling that features a number of Ermandalee's photos, serving as a gallery space. The region is rural, populated by farm and woodland animals that roam and play in the fields, meadows and forests, and with geese, ducks, and other birds along its weaving shorelines. I have no doubt that the sim will become a favorite destination point for explorers. If you'd like to support Sarawak, donations are accepted near the landing point — or a better option still is to teleport overhead to Ermandalee's shop, which offers a few buildings and other things for sale. (Click on any of these images to zoom in — I'll be posting these and others on my flickr stream.)

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