04 September 2014

That's Italy

Now open at MIC - Imagin@rium is an installation by Mexi Lane (who is also curator of the space) entitled That's Italy — and from the looks of things, Italy's not in the best of shape. "A vision that I wanted to communicate. A state of mind? A metaphor? I do not know, you decide," she remarks. A huge cargo vessel (her name Italy), out at sea but within view, sits listlessly in the water, her bulk leaning toward one side with seagulls circling overhead. Strewn on her deck and in her hold, and drifting in the nearby waters, are houses and other debris, now ruined. To reach the forlorn disaster, jump on one of the hovercraft near the landing point, and stay to the left of the buoys that mark the edge of the sim. And be sure to explore the rest of the sim, too, which offers some photogenic spots.

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